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A CPA as Your Best Friend!

It Takes a Team

Forget about the permits, licenses, deadlines, customer complaints, employee complaints and even the bottom line. Think about how you deal with it all! Certified Public Accountants are more than just bookkeepers and tax filers. They have transformed into your best friend. At least your best business friend. Because they know your business finances inside and out, thereby knowing your business inside and out, they can provide valuable services beyond just keeping the books. CPAs can analyze trends, make business suggestions, provide you with more information about how well sections of your business are performing such as your staff, your office and even your production. Ask yourself is your CPA doing everything they can for you. If not, you may want to think about upgrading your CPA.


Tim L. Hunter is a licensed CPA in Leesburg, GA and has been involved in private business since 1977 where he started sweeping the floors in the family business. Email Tim with any questions or comments at

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