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Coronavirus(COVID-19) & eSigning

One of our goals is to make sure our clients comply with all tax filing requirements in a timely manner. Doing so, requires constant contact either electronically or in person. Some clients, at this time, prefer not to meet in person and we want everyone to have this option. Click here for more information about the July 15, 2020 extension.

Tim Hunter CPA will now allow all our tax filing clients to electronically review, sign and file their tax returns. We will provide video conferencing and eSigning so that tax returns can continue to be filed in a timely manner. This alternative to signing in person is provided at no additional charge to you, our valued client, and we promise no delay in processing your returns.

We will also keep you updated on any official changes to the tax filing deadline as they become available to the tax professional community.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to speak directly to us, please call

229-759-1040 or email at


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