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"Our finances were all over the place.  No one knew where we stood or even if we would be able to make payroll each Friday.  Tim came in and completely re-designed our workflow and installed new accounting software.  He also provided the training for our staff.  We now know where we stand at any point in time and we can all get back to running the organization.  If we ever have a question or need help, Tim is there..."  -not-for-profit

"We were spending all our time trying to capture transactions and complete our tax filings.  Nothing was ever correct.  Tim came in and took over our bookkeeping completely.  Now, we just call him and he gives us updates on our finances and handles all our tax filings.  We can now focus 100% on running our business..."  -for profit

"Tim is a people person.  He is very knowledgeable in what it takes to keep your office organized and your accounting functions running at their best.  We would be lost without his expertise."

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